Dahlia offers a variety of residential green cleaning services to meet the various needs of our clients, including Standard Clean, Deep Clean, Special Services and Move-in/Move-out. For all our services, we use green cleaning products, hand-made by our members using all-natural ingredients, to promote the well-being of our customers, our members and the planet. We clean homes and apartments in teams of two, and each member of our cleaning teams are insured. Our services include the following:

Standard Cleaning

General (Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathrooms, Living and Dining Rooms)




Living Room, Dining Room and Common Areas


Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning involves the same services above, only with more detail. Deep Cleaning is required for the first cleaning.


Are you moving into a new home or apartment that needs cleaning? Are you moving out of an old home or apartment that needs cleaning? We can help! Contact us today for a free estimate.

Special Services

The following services can be added to any of the above services.


For more details about our services and pricing, call 512-786-4249  or email us at contact@dahlia.coop